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Chase that WOO NELLY!
Indeedy SIR!
        I really don't know what I wanna do. I've been stuck in Orem for the last 12 years, I've seen alot of it and it seems like there's nothing else left to see. I want to stay here for my friends but the more I think about it the less of friends they seem like to me. Don't get me wrong I liove my friends but all they wanna do is the exact opposite of what I wanna do.

    Whenever I call someone  they are always busy doing something else or doing something that's boring as shit, I remember back when we used to go skate Stinky Couch and chill out behind Smiths. Now, all you wanna do is shoot things and go try and pick up on girls, nothing really wrong with that except for the fact that I hate damn near all the girls here(I'm not just using hate I mean it). I'm tired of skatingaround for hours trying to find something to do. I call and I call and I end up with nothing damn near every time. People think I'm out doing stuff alot, I'm really not, I'm usually skating around trying to find something to do. The one or two people who will skate with me are always there and that's fucking awesome but I need more than just a skate buddy. I'm just tired of all of Orem, I think I've stayed my stay and it's time to move on but It's gonna be so fucking hard to just pick up and start all over again in Phoenix or Fountain Hills or wherever the fuck we're going. It's just gonna be hard, I think I'll find more people who like the same shit as me in a more urbanized area but I seriously doubt they could replace my friends here. I don't really even know how to end this or how long I could keep typing this shit but I think I'm gonna cut it off now.

Current Mood: lonely lonely

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So, I officially smoked weed with Justins' mom.
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So, for the whole like 4 friends I have on this thing I found someone and you should totally give me money.
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I love em and I don't know what I would do without em.
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Fuck, I'm tired of all this. I really am, everyday I'm diggin myself deeper and deeper into the ground. Everyday I do something just as retarded and irreversable as the day before. Every time I leave my house I'm doing all the shit I'm not supposed to do. I'm letting everyone who loves me down and I really don't know how to fix it, I'm to deep in to do much about it.
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Back to school for Frankass.
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First of it is WAY to hot in my room, it's like someone beat the shit out of an ever running radiator with a bat and all it does is spew steam into my room now.
     My board is horrible, it's flat, no pop, it sticks to everything.  

    Having no girlfreind, I hate it but damn it, they help me keep in line. I got so used to being with someone it's hard to stop just by myself now without some means of support.It's not all bad, I do love the freedom but the lack of *ahem* throws me off way bad.

    Half my damn shirts decided to jump off the edge of the world. In less than a week I swear I lost all but two shirts, it wouldn't bother me if it hadn't been two of my favorites, my white Sublime one, and my white The Boondocks one with Huey on the front.

    My feet are in a constant state of pain due to those damn hard dress shoes I had to wear at the hotel, fuck them I hate those shoes, they made it so my feet just seem to lose circulation occasionally, god they suck.

     Those shitty Osris Hsus I bought, they didn't help the problem either, I think they are a major contributer.

    Laundry, everyone hates laundry.

    Being grounded, not much to say about this one, I did it to myself. 

    My inability to listen to basic commands. I just can't seem to remember something simple like taking the trash out or mowing the lawn.It's getting me into ALOT more trouble than normal.
    Fuck, I need a nap.

Current Music: Authority Zero- Over Seasons

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Give me the funk damn it.
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