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hmmm - Chase that WOO NELLY!
Indeedy SIR!
Well here i am at 4:20 am perusing through my old journals.


I really got into quite a rut.

Just looking backs at the last time i was on here makes me realize how badly i've lost track of time. it seems all so arbitrary.

Hahaha i feel so much more minimalist lately. I really i can't deal with all these stupid complications placed on everything. i just wanna enjoy my days instead of working two jobs for 3 weeks straight. is it so much to ask to not have to wake up everyday and throw my soul into a corporate coffee grinder? literally and figuratively. despite how badly i should be sleeping right now my mind has kept me up. ALOT. i find sleep to be quite useless until i'm shutting down from lack of it.
as my many(many used sarcastically) fans can tell or would now, i'm missing something. something i have a feeling i know would help. but it's all out of my control. i would wish to be at that point, but where's the fun in that?

been pursuing music a lot more, let me tell you something. it's not easy. i'm looking up to the guys who make anything on the radio sound like a can of corned shit. and woo is it hard to keep up with. i'll always have my board. i'm suprised dad hasn't had a cliche you're a skate board hooligan fail moment at all yet. i'm sure he will, once he realizes it's what i know and what i love he won't bitch as much. haha it's really all i know, like seriously. i've pretty much lost touch with everything but that. i have a hard time talking to alot of people. i get lots of wtf looks from ALOT of people. it's not like i'm making a parking garage style joke, it's just simple stuff and people look like i just shot their dog, i'm just tired of people not understanding anything, can they not take it or something? it confuses me, i know i'm not weird. even little kids get weirded out and they're usually blank slates. a guy asked me if i was staying out of trouble the other day and i said i had spent the last twenty minutes dangling a baby out a window and he just left, no other words said. kinda bothers me. is sarcasm a lost art?

Ah, people. silly group we are. there's only very few people i would trust with anything anymore. the fairy dust is all gone from our eyes, the current of wonder is slowly drying. there's really only about 4 things in this world that give that back to me. and i'll be damned if i let those ever slide away. i might not say what or who they may be but you all know. you know very well. there's still some genuine love and trust spewing from synopses. only a few of you have it, and you all mean the world to me. but seeing as i have work in six hours, i'll be talking to you all soon! have a good night, day, month, year, ten years, fifty years. night everyone. i'm gonna cuddle with fuzzyboots.
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manny_the_ninja From: manny_the_ninja Date: February 14th, 2011 08:06 pm (UTC) (Link)
You're the bomb. Just so you know. :heart;
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